11 Largest Cities in California

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Largest Cities in California

Give it up for California!!! “The land of Milk and Honey!”, “The El Dorado State!”, “The Golden West!” YOU NAME IT! California is a beautiful state in the Pacific Region of the United States. California is a state that consists of a significant number of people when it comes to the population that is around 38,959,247and is the only state with a vast population. The state area is about 163,696 square miles making it the 3rd largest state of the United States.

California is known for surfing, beaches, oranges, lemons, grapes, avocados, strawberries, and its world-famous cities!!!


1. Los Angeles

Largest Cities in California

” City of Stars”

“Are you shining just for me”

Welcome to the ‘City of Angels’ and the bright lights of Hollywood!

Los Angeles is known as the ‘City Of Angels’ and has a population of almost 3,900,456. Los Angeles is the 1st largest city in California and ranked as one of the most populated cities in the United States. Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood and is also known to be the center of the American film industry. Los Angeles has a lot of famous sights and attractions that make it very popular for tourists around the world!

Some famous landmarks are The Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland/California Adventure, Venice Beach Boardwalk, San Gabriel Mountains, Griffith Observatory, Getty Center Museum.

2. San Diego

“The birthplace of California!”

Home of the famous zoo and the first European settlement in California! San Diego has a population of almost 1,425,976 million, ranked as the 2nd largest city in California. This city is famous for its clear weather which makes it popular to go out in the daytime with friends! San Diego’s temperature averages around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer with rain throughout the year.

Famous attractions are The Mission Beach, La Jolla Cove, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Torrey Pines State Reserve Park, Old Point Loma Lighthouse, The Birch Aquarium at Scripps, San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, and the USS Midway Museum (one of the largest aircraft carriers in history).

3. San Jose

“The Capital of Silicon Valley “

Welcome to San Jose, California!

Home of the famous ‘San Jose Earthquakes’ and the famous ‘Tech Museum of Innovation,’

San Jose is a city with a very modern population and an expensive city. This city is known for its hills and mountains, but also known to have the highest temperature in summer, around 96 degrees Fahrenheit or 36 degrees Celsius. San Jose is ranked as the 3rd largest city in California, with approximately 1,030,119 people. San Jose has a considerable number of people living in very small spaces, making it one of California’s densest cities.

San Jose has attractions like The Rosicrucian Egyptian. This city has many famous buildings and landmarks like the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, Santa Clara University (founded in 1777), and The Tech Museum (one of the most innovative and creative museums in the world).

San Jose is also known to be the center of technology companies which include Adobe, Cisco Systems, IBM’s Watson. San Jose has many more attractions that are waiting for you to discover!


4. San Francisco

Largest Cities in California

“The Golden Gate City!”

It is one of California’s most unique cities; San Francisco is the 4th largest city in California, with a population of almost 883,305 people. This city has so much to offer for tourists because it was built on 7 hills, giving you an amazing view of the bay. Some very famous places in this beautiful port city are the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf (which has some local shops and restaurants).

San Francisco is also known for its high cost of living (however, there are affordable options too!)

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5. Fresno

“The City of the Arts!”

Located in Central California, Fresno is a city that has more than 500,000 residents. The city is known as a hub for agriculture because of its fertile lands. Fresno is the 5th largest city in California and has a population of about 530,093 million. Some well-known places to go are The Tower District (which has some local shops) Woodward Park, growing up since the 1920s!

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6. Long Beach

“The city that sunshine built!”

Home of The Queen Mary and natural sanctuary, Long Beach is known as the ‘Gateway to the Pacific.’ This city has a very large population for being such a small area, with 2.3 million people calling this amazing city their home. Long Beach is ranked as the 6th largest city in California and has a population of almost 467,354 million.

Some well-known places are the Aquarium of the Pacific, which is one of the largest aquariums in North America, the Long Beach Convention Center which hosts many famous events; and The Queen Mary, which has hosted over 40 million visitors since her launch in 1934!

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7. Sacramento

“The City of Trees”

Sacramento is a big city with a strong sense of community. This city has over 450,000 residents who call this place home.

Some popular places to go are Old Town Sacramento, a historic area with some local shops and restaurants.

The California State Railroad Museum is open for exploration with your family and friends and to learn about trains’ history.

Sacramento is the place for foodies!! You can try some amazing dishes and snacks from different ethnic backgrounds.

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8. Oakland

“The City of Champions!”

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland is a beautiful city with more than 400,000 residents. Oakland is ranked as the 8th largest city in California and has a population of almost 429,082 million (which is very diverse!). This city has some amazing museums such as Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland Museum of California, which is the only museum that focuses on California’s culture and art, and The Rotunda, which has some history behind it.

Oakland is affordable to live in and is right next to San Francisco! You can take the Bart to San Francisco in only 25-30 mins!

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9. Bakersfield

“The city of oil!”

Located in Central California, Bakersfield is a very busy city with over 380,000 residents, a population of up to 383,579. This town isn’t as big as some other Californian cities, but it sure does have a lot to offer!

Bakersfield is also known as Nashville, the capital of the country music of the West Coast. Some well-known places are the Bakersfield Museum of Art, The Padre Hotel, a luxurious hotel in the heart of Downtown Bakersfield. We can’t forget about Buck Owens Crystal Palace (amazing food and music events).

10. Santa Ana

Santa Ana is located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, where it holds over 330,000 residents (and counting!). This beautiful city is ranked as the 9th largest city in California and has a population of 357,754 million. Some famous places to go are MainPlace Mall, which has some amazing stores and restaurants, The Discovery Science Center, where you can learn more about science with your family and friends, and The Observatory, a big concert venue with a big concert venue some amazing shows.

If you’re looking to move to Santa Ana or visit this place, then make sure you try some delicious food at many local restaurants around the city!

11. Anaheim

“The Happiest Place on Earth!”

Located in Anaheim, Orange County is one of the most welcoming cities with over 332,000 residents! Anaheim is ranked as the 10th largest city in California and has a population of almost 352,005 million.

Some great places to go are Anaheim Garden Walk, which has some amazing stores, some delicious restaurants to eat at, the Downtown Disney, which is great for family fun where they can enjoy some arcades and rides (and some delicious food!).

Anaheim is also known as the “Happiest Place on Earth” because this city has Disneyland! So if you love Disney, make sure you visit this amazing city and check it out!



If you’re in the market for a new city to live in and like to travel to, California is recommended because it has some amazing cities that offer different things. There are so many places to see and things to do in California so if you would like to visit, don’t hesitate! It will be fun for all (unless you hate the heat!) So start looking up and get packing!

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What is the largest city in California?

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and has a population of almost 3,900,456 million.

What are some famous cities in California?

Some famous cities in California are San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Anaheim.

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Where is Santa Ana?

Santa Ana is located in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

How do you get to the Observatory in Santa Ana?

The Observatory is located at 3503 S. Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704 (which has some amazing shows!)

Where is Bakersfield?

Bakersfield is located in Central California and can be easily accessed by taking the train or bus to the city.

Where is Oakland?

Oakland is located in the Northeastern region of the San Francisco Bay Area and can be easily accessed by taking the Bart to Downtown Oakland or taking a bus.


Where is Kern County?

Kern County can be found in Southern California and is located in a great area where you can go hiking or biking! And is also easily accessed by taking the Bart.

Where is San Jose?

San Jose can be found in Northern California and has a population of 1,030,119 million, which makes it one of the most populated cities in California! This city is located near Silicon Valley and is very easy to get to by taking the Bart or even driving to the city.

Where is Anaheim?

Anaheim can be found in Orange County, with over 330,000 residents (and counting!). This beautiful city is ranked as the 10th largest city in California and has a population of 352,005 million.

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