How Long Does it Take to Move

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How Long Does it Take to Move

Anyone who has ever moved can tell you that it is not a quick or easy process. It can be pretty stressful and overwhelming. There are so many things to do in such a short amount of time, and it often feels like there isn’t enough time to get everything done.

But with a little bit of organization and planning, you can make a move go as smoothly as possible. Let’s talk about what factors contribute to a move taking longer and how you can get the ball rolling on your next relocation.

How long does it take to move based on the house size?

It can take several days to several weeks to complete the moving process based on the house size. A single-family home will typically take a little less time than a duplex or multi-family house. There are fewer rooms and appliances in a smaller home that need to be packed up and integrated into the new space. For example:

  • If you have a Studio/1 Bedroom house with 400-600 sqft, then it will take 2-3 hours to move
  • Similarly, 2 Bedrooms homes with 600-800 sqft will take 3-5 hours
  • Likewise, 3 Bedrooms house with 800-1300 sqft will take 5-7 hours
  • 4 Bedrooms house with 1300-1800 sqft will take 6-8 hours to move
  • And 5 Bedrooms homes with 1800-2000+ sqft will approximately take 7-9 hours to move
  • If your house is more than 2000 sq ft, it will take 10+ hours to complete the moving process.


How long does it take to move based on the distance?

A move across state lines will probably take you more than a couple of weeks. After all, it is not just the packing and unpacking that requires time – it’s also transporting your belongings and organizing them in your new home. For example, how much longer does it take to pack if you’re moving from California to Texas instead of moving from New York to New Jersey?

The distance matters because of the logistics and planning that are involved. If you’re only traveling across state lines, then it shouldn’t take any longer than a week or two to complete the move. However, if you live far away from your new home (for example, moving from California to Vermont), you could be looking at a longer wait time.

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How long should it take to pack?

One thing to keep in mind is that packing should not be rushed. Packing too quickly can result in accidental damage, so you need to take your time. If you need a little push to get started on packing, then give yourself a time limit. For example, you could set aside the next hour for packing up all of your smaller appliances and kitchen utensils and then give yourself a break.

Another important thing to remember is that you should not pack everything at once. Start small by packing the essentials, such as kitchen appliances and bedding, so that you can set up your home as soon as possible. Then gradually work on things like decorations and clothing until all of your belongings are packed up.

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Average Time To Pack An Apartment / House

  • You will need 10 boxes to pack your belongings for your 1 bedroom apartment. It will take 2 packers 1.5 hours to complete the move.
  • If you are moving from a 1-2 bedroom apartment, you will need about 20 boxes. You will also need 2 packers who can work for 2-2.5 hours.
  • If you are moving from a 2-3 bedroom apartment, you will need about 30 boxes. You will also need 2 packers who can work for 3 to 3.5 hours
  • It will take about 4 hours for 2 packers to pack up a 3 bedroom house. You will need about 40 boxes.
  • It will take a 4 bedroom house- 50 boxes -2 packers- 5 – 5.5 hours to pack your belongings.
  • It will take a 5 bedroom house- 60 boxes- 2 packers -6 – 6.5 hours to pack everything up.

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How Long Does It Take to Get to Your New Home?

If you live in a big city, you can easily get to your new house within a day or two of relocating. However, if you live in a more rural area that requires long drives between cities, it might take around three days before all of your belongings are delivered to the home. This is mainly because you will need to pack the moving truck with your belongings and then deliver it.

It is a good idea to plan to avoid waiting for an extended period before getting into your new home. For example, if you have a family, you can temporarily ask someone to stay at your old place while you move into the new one. Then, you can ask your family members to bring your belongings in batches instead of all at once. This way, they will not feel so overwhelmed by the heavy lifting and traveling time between cities.


How Long Does It Take to Load?

  • It will take 2 experienced packers 3 hours to load a one-bedroom apartment.
  • If you are moving from a 1-2 bedroom apartment, it will take about 5 hours for 2 packers from the time they begin packing up your belongings and helping them load onto the truck.
  • If you move from a 2-3 bedroom apartment, it will take about 4 packers 6 hours to load everything up.

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How Long Does It Take To Unload?

  • It will take 2 movers 5 hours to unload a one-bedroom apartment if you hire them for 3 hours (15 minutes each).
  • If you are moving from a 1-2 bedroom apartment, it will take about 6 hours for 2 movers to unload everything. It will be essential to pay them for 7 hours (15 minutes each).
  • If you move from a 2-3 bedroom apartment, it will take around 8 hours for 4 movers to unload the truck entirely.

Here are some tips on how to speed up the moving process without sacrificing quality or causing undue stress.

Plan Ahead

Take some time to get organized. The first and most important thing you can do to make a moving day go more smoothly is to plan. This can include writing a list of everything that needs to be done, ensuring you have the correct tools and equipment for specific tasks, and mapping out your route from your old house to your new one.

Of course, the planning process can be overwhelming, so you may want to focus specifically on what needs to get done in the week leading up to your move. Re-evaluate and clean out your closets, cabinets, and other storage areas. Do a deep cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms. And finally, pack yourself an emergency kit to keep in your car.

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Plan for Traffic and Weather Problems

Some things are out of your control, like traffic and bad weather. But these factors can significantly affect how long it takes you to get from one place to another. Try to avoid the rush hour commutes if possible, and give yourself plenty of extra time if there is an accident or other incident that slows down traffic.

Carrying Items

Moving can be an exhausting process, so you’ll want to save your energy for the heavy lifting. That means using dollies and other tools to get large items like furniture down flights of stairs or through tight hallways. Alternatively, you can take these items apart to make them easier to move.


Be Flexible About Timelines

It is essential to set a timeline for each specific task when planning out your move. But this may not be possible on the day of the actual move. A variety of things can come up that will slow down your progress and delay tasks. For example, the truck may break down, or you may need to make extra trips with your car due to limited space on the truck. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete everything, and be prepared to take a break if you feel like you need it.


While moving day is stressful for many reasons, planning can help cut down on the hassle. And when things inevitably go wrong, be flexible and try not to get frustrated. Remember, your goal is to move into your new house, and everything else is just a means to that end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to move into a new home?

The time it takes to move varies from person to person, but the average duration for a house transfer is believed to be 8-16 weeks, and it can take up to 4 months.

How many truckloads does it take to move?

The number of trucks needed can vary depending on your home’s size. Moving from a 1-2 bedroom apartment, you can expect it to take around 1 truckload. From a 2-3 bedroom apartment, it will likely take closer to 2 truckloads to fit everything.

How long does it take to pack and move?

The time it takes to pack and move will vary depending on your specific needs. However, you can estimate that the entire process will take at least 4 hours per truckload if you do everything yourself.

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