Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving

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Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving

When you’re packing for a move, the last thing you want to worry about is your shoes. But with so many different types of shoes and so many ways to pack them, it can be difficult to know how to do it properly. Your best bet is to avoid breaking down your shoes and stuffing each of them into a box. Instead, use an over-the-door organizer with plenty of pockets. It’s a simple trick that will keep you from having to spend hours packing and unpacking all your shoes when you get to your new home.

Let’s see a few tips for you to pack your shoes:

Give away shoes that you don’t wear

Firstly, let’s clear out the broken or old shoes so that they can be given away. With the remaining shoes, you should put them into plastic bags and then place them into an over-the-door shoe organizer. You can also use a large garment bag to pack your shoes together in a single bag. You can hang that bag on the door and then pack other items around it. If you have a lot of shoes, it might be best to pack half of them in one large bag and leave the other half out so that you have access to the ones you use most often. When packing shoes, place rolled-up socks inside them to prevent shifting and damage.

For those who wear high heels or stilettos, you may want to keep the shoes in their original boxes so that they don’t get broken. If you don’t have the original boxes, you can purchase bubble wrap envelopes for them. Make sure that you don’t use bags that are too big, or else your shoes might slide out.


Pack shoes in pairs

You can pack two or more pairs of shoes in a single pocket of the organizer. If the pocket is sturdy, it should support the weight of the shoes. Avoid packing shoes together that have sharp-edged heels or pointy toes. You can use some newspaper or bubble wrap to pad each shoe, so they don’t rub against each other and cause damage while in transit.

This is especially important for high heel stilettos. For shoes that are meant to be worn together, for example, a pair of boots or heels and a purse, you can keep them in the same pocket.

Use bubble wrap

You can wrap your most cherished and delicate shoes in bubble wrap to protect them while packing. For example, if you have a pair of pumps that will cause the pocket to sag if they are packed inside, you can wrap them in bubble wrap. You mustn’t take this step for all your shoes, though, because you should be able to bear the weight of several pairs without any issues. 

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Make sure to pack sturdy shoes on the bottom

When packing several pairs of shoes in one bag, make sure to put the most supportive and sturdiest pair on the bottom.

For example, a pair of heels might be sturdier than a pair of flats or flip-flops. With this method, your shoes are less likely to slide around inside the pocket and prevent the delicate shoes from being crushed.

In doing so, when you open the pocket to get a specific pair of shoes, you will see all supportive pairs remain intact while your other shoes are still in good condition. If there is only one shoe in each pocket after everything has been packed, that means that it was not packed properly and was most likely damaged.


Close shoes before packing

If you’re concerned about your shoes spilling their contents while moving, then simply close the laces properly. Use any type of tape to securely fasten them closed so that they don’t unroll during transit. Not only will this keep the insides of your shoes safe from damage, but it also prevents dirt from getting all over your other belongings.

If you have many shoes to pack, consider using an extra plastic bag or garment bag. In this way, you can put the bags inside each other and then put them into one pocket to keep everything organized. This method leaves no wasted space in the shoe organizer and prevents your shoes from shifting around while in transit.

Seal everything up with duct tape or masking tape

At this point, you can use any type of tape to seal the zippers and pockets closed so that no one has access to the contents until you unpack them at your new home. Use black or silver duct tape for dark-colored shoes and white masking tape for lighter colors.

This will prevent the shoes from being stained by whatever tape you used to seal them up.

You can also use packing tape for this step since it is stronger and more durable than masking or duct tape. Remember that even if your shoes are wrinkled, they won’t look as bad once they’re unpacked at your new home.

Pack all shoes in a single shoe organizer

If you have a lot of shoes to pack, consider getting a garment bag or extra-large plastic bag so that you can pack them with other items as well. This makes moving the entire collection at once easier than packing them into multiple bags. You can also purchase a luggage cart to help transport the entire collection at once.

If you take advantage of this opportunity to clean your shoes thoroughly, they should remain in good condition after being packed for moving. Of course, if any of them are dirty or have stains on them, use some cleaning wipes before putting them in the pockets.

Pack essential shoes separately

If you have a pair of shoes that you need with you during your move, then make sure to pack them separately from the rest of the collection. It’s best if they are packed in a smaller bag rather than being placed alongside other shoes since this ensures that you won’t forget them at home.

Tie sneakers together

For sneakers, you can place the shoelaces around the air vent so that they don’t get tangled together. Then, use a zip tie to keep them in place so that your shoes remain organized and untangled while moving. This method prevents the laces from getting damaged or dirty while unpacking.

You can also store your sneakers in a shoe organizer or garment bag if you prefer. Just make sure to tie the shoelaces around the mesh of the pocket, so they don’t get tangled together.


Store seasonal shoes separately

Consider moving your seasonal shoes separately if you’re moving during the summer or winter. For example, if you only wear sneakers in the winter but sandals in the summer, then make sure to place them into separate bags for easier unpacking.

This method is a great way to save time and prevent inconveniences during moving. It also ensures that your shoes will last longer without being exposed to certain types of elements before unpacking them. In this way, you won’t have to search for your winter shoes when the weather is warmer or vice versa.

Use tea bags to keep shoes fresh

Another great tip is to use teabags. Before putting your shoes into the pockets, fill each one with a few teabags. This way, you’ll have a great-smelling shoe when unpacked. Tea is also an excellent odor absorber, so this will ensure that your shoes don’t smell bad even after being packed for a long time.

Even if you take care of your shoes and avoid stepping in mud, they will still become dirty after being packed for moving. That’s why it makes sense to sanitize them before placing them in the pockets. To do this, simply sprinkle some baking soda inside each shoe and let it sit overnight. The next day, shake off any excess baking soda and add a few tea bags to keep the shoes smelling fresh.


If you’re moving, packing your shoes can seem like a daunting task. However, there are many ways to make the process easier and less frustrating. Using a garment bag or extra-large plastic bag will help you keep your shoes organized and transport them en masse to the new house or apartment. You can also pack them in a shoe organizer and prevent the laces from getting tangled together.

If you have a lot of shoes to pack, consider packing them in tea bags or use baking soda and tea bags to keep your shoes fresh and clean after unpacking. For footwear that has darker colors, you should use masking tape.

Happy packing!



How many pairs of shoes should I pack?

Packing the right number of shoes depends on what you need for your new home or apartment. If it’s just a few items, then you can fit them into a shoe organizer or garment bag. However, if you have a large collection of footwear, then consider packing them in extra-large bags or using a luggage cart.

What is the best way to pack shoes for moving?

The best way to pack shoes is to place them inside a garment bag, shoe organizer, extra-large plastic bag, or even a luggage cart. Make sure that the laces and shoelaces stay untangled and that you can tie them to the air vent so they don’t get damaged. You can also use tea bags or baking soda to keep your shoes fresh when moving into your new place.

What are some tips for packing my sneakers?

Packing sneakers is much easier than packing boots since you can tie them together using your shoelaces. The only thing you must do is make sure that the shoelaces remain untangled after packing. Another tip is to stuff them with some tissue paper, newspaper, or even your socks so they can retain their original shape while moving.

How long should I let my shoes soak in baking soda?

After sprinkling baking soda inside your sneakers and letting them sit for a few hours, you should shake off the excess baking soda and then place some tea bags inside. This way, your new footwear will look not only clean but also smell fresh after unpacking.

What is an ideal shoe size for packing?

Shoes size US 11 to 13 are excellent for packing since they’re compact enough to be placed into a garment bag or larger plastic bag. They also take up less space than other types of footwear, so it’s easier to keep them organized in your new home. Although sizes of shoes depend on the height of the person, so, if your height is:

  • 5’5″ or shorter than the size would be 5-7
  • 5’6″ to 5’9″, then 9.5 to 10.5
  • 5’10” to 6’2″ then 11 to 12.5
  • 6’3″ and taller 13 to 20+

What is the best kind of tea for my shoes?

The best type of tea to use when packing your shoes is black tea. Not only does it smell great, but it also absorbs any type of moisture or odor. Also, it doesn’t stain your footwear and lasts a long time.

What is the best brand of tea bags for shoes?

The ideal brand of tea bags to use when packing your sneakers are teabags that have a string sewn into them. This ensures they remain attached to the air vent, so you can place it in any shoe after unpacking. You could also tape over the opening to ensure nothing comes out of it.

What are the best types of materials for packing shoes?

There are several types of materials that you can use for shoe packaging, ranging from garment bags to luggage carts. However, if you have a lot of shoes to pack, then it’s better to use extra-large plastic bags or even a cart so you can save on space. You can also use tea bags or baking soda to keep your footwear fresh.

What are some tips for packing heels?

Packing heels is easy if you have a garment bag or shoe organizer to place them into. You can pack high heels by placing tissue paper, newspaper, or even socks inside each one after tying the shoelaces and laces together. This way, they won’t get damaged and retain their original size while moving. Another tip is to place them into a carton box instead of a normal suitcase so you can pack more items in your car or truck.

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