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Moving to Hawaii

Hawaii is often thought of as a paradise, and it’s easy to see why. The islands are home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery globally, from lush rainforests to pristine beaches. Hawaii is also a great place to live, with a warm climate and friendly people. For people moving to Hawaii, it’s important to remember that the islands are also subject to hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, this is offset by the fact that Hawaii is one of the safest states in the U.S. Overall, Hawaii is a great place to live and work, and its beauty is just one of the many reasons why.

For those considering a move to Hawaii, the question of employability is an important one. Fortunately, the state of Hawaii offers a variety of employment opportunities across a wide range of industries. In addition to traditional sectors such as tourism and agriculture, Hawaii is home to many tech startups and is also a hub for renewable energy. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for those with the skills and experience to find work in Hawaii. Furthermore, the state’s diverse population means strong demand for workers with bilingual skills. For those considering a move to Hawaii, the state offers abundant employment possibilities.

One of the most important things to remember when moving to Hawaii is to change your address with the DMV. 


Who Should You Get in Touch with For a Hawaii DMV Change of Address?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating: you should always contact the Hawaii DMV or the County of Hawaii when you move to a new state. This is because the DMV is a state-level government agency responsible for keeping track of your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

You can either visit the DMV in person or reach them by mail. Unfortunately, you can’t do this online. You must update your address on your identification card, driver’s license, car registration, and vehicle title. Hawaii DMV gives you 30 days to update your address of moving varies from where you are moving. You are required to update your address within 30 days. So, this should be at the top of your to-do list after relocating without delaying things.

What’s the Purpose of Updating Your Address with the DMV?

There are a few reasons why it’s important to update your address with the DMV. First, it ensures that you will receive important correspondence from the DMV, such as renewal notices for your driver’s license or vehicle registration. Second, it helps the DMV keep accurate records of where you live if they need to contact you. If you are stopped by the police, for example, they will be able to look up your address on file with the DMV.

Getting a Hawaii Driving License When Moving Within Hawaii

If you are moving within the state of Hawaii, you will need to update your address with the DMV. You can do this by visiting the DMV in person or by mail. Once you have updated your address, you will be able to renew your driver’s license. If you relocate within the same county, you must notify the DMV in person or by mail of your new address within 30 days of your move.

Update my Address in Person with the DMV

If you want to change your address in an old-fashioned way, you can update your address in person by visiting your local Hawaii DMV office.

Step by Step Process

• Find out where your local DMV office is. Decide if you want to go for a walk-in or schedule an appointment, and then go.

• Fill out and submit the Notice of Change of Address (Form DMVL 505).

• Bring the necessary documents to your local DMV office.

• Determine whether you wish to replace or renew your license.

• You should also pay for any costs linked with the procedure, such as a duplicate driving license fee, an address change charge, and a vehicle registration copy charge.

Documents/Information Required:

• Proof of Signature

Hawaii driver’s license, Hawaii ID Card

• Proof of Residency

Deed/Title, Mortgage, Rental/Lease agreement

Bank Statement (Dated within 90 days)

• Proof of Social Security Number


• Date of birth

• Current and previous address

DMV offices


Department of Motor Vehicles

303 E Lipoa St, Kihei, HI


Department of Motor Vehicles

101 Pauahi St Ste 5, Hilo, HI


Department of Motor Vehicles

15-2615 Keaau Pahoa Rd, Pahoa, HI


Update my Address by Mail with the DMV

You can update your address by mail. It’s an easy process and can be completed conveniently.

The following are the steps to follow to update your address via mail-in in Hawaii:

Step by Step Process

• Write a letter that includes the following information:

1. Name

2. Previous address

3. Current address

4. Social Security number (SSN)

5. Date of birth

6. Signature

Send your letter and two supporting documents to your new address as proof of delivery.

• Or. Fill out the Honolulu County Notice of Change of Address Form (Form CS-L(MVR)82)

• Send a letter or an application to the Driver’s License Section at P.O. Box 30340, Honolulu.

Getting a Hawaii Driving License When Moving from Another State

If you are moving to Hawaii from another state, you will need a new driver’s license. If you move to Hawaii, you must visit a Hawaii DMV office within 30 days of your arrival to obtain a new driver’s license and register your car. The Vehicle Registration and Licensing Division is a DMV office in Hawaii. If you do not have your out-of-state driver’s license with you, or if it has expired, you will be required to pass a road and written test. You might be required to have your eyes examined.

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Step by Step Process

• Visit a local DMV office in Hawaii.

• Fill out an application for a new license (form TR-11L)

• Surrender your out-of-state driver’s license.

• For it, you’ll need your I.D. number, birth date, and Social Security number.


Documents required for Hawaii Driver License

• You’ll need to submit a driver’s license application that is filled out.

• Your unexpired and valid out of state driver’s license

• two proofs of residency

• A passed the vision test

• A clean driving record

Documents should be original. Photocopies are not accepted. Suppose the names on your current and primary proof of identification do not match. In that case, you will also need to bring documentation of a legal name change, such as a marriage license, divorce decree, or court order.

Registering Your Vehicle in Hawaii:

You need to register your out-of-state vehicle. Hawaii requires that you register your out-of-state vehicle as a resident as soon as possible, so make it a point to check it off your list. You must visit a Hawaii Department of State office to register your car as a new resident of the state. Bring the following papers when you go:

• Proof of identity

• Proof of Hawaii no-fault auto insurance

• Your vehicle’s current out-of-state title

If your title is held by a lienholder or leasing firm in another state, you may bring in your out-of-state registration card instead of your title.

Moving From Hawaii to Another State

If you’re moving to another state and plan on taking your vehicle with you, you don’t need to notify the Hawaii DMV of your change of address. You will, however, be required to update your driver’s license with the DMV of your new state. When you obtain a driver’s license from your new state, the Hawaii Department of Driver Services will automatically cancel your Hawaii driver’s license.

You may also want to transfer your vehicle registration to your new state of residence. Depending on the laws of the state you are moving to, this may be done simultaneously as your driver’s license transfer, or it may be a separate process. You will need to check with the DMV in your new state of residence for more information.

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Have any questions?

If you have any questions about updating your address on your driver’s license and vehicle registration when moving to, from, or within Hawaii, please contact the Hawaii DMV at (808) 961-8351. You may also send an online message here. If you wish to reach out, have your license/plate number on hand.


When moving to Hawaii, there are a few things you will need to take care of regarding your driver’s license and vehicle registration. You will need to visit a local DMV office and present certain documents in most cases. If you’re moving to another state, you will need to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration with the new state’s DMV. Keep this in mind and have safe and happy driving.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I change the address on my driver’s license?

You will need to visit your local DMV office and fill out an application for a new license.

What documents do I need to bring when I register my out-of-state vehicle in Hawaii?

A: When you register your car, bring the following papers with you: proof of identity, proof of Hawaii no-fault auto insurance, and your vehicle’s current out-of-state title.

I’m moving to another state. Do I need to notify the Hawaii DMV of my change of address?

No, you don’t need to notify the Hawaii DMV of your change of address. However, you will be required to update your driver’s license with the new state’s DMV. When you obtain a driver’s license from your new state, the Hawaii Department of Driver Services will automatically cancel your Hawaii driver’s license.

Do I need to take a driving test?

You can convert an out-of-state driver’s license to a Hawaii one if you have one.

After moving to another state, do I need to return the license plates?

If you move to a new state, you are not obligated to surrender your Hawaii license plates.

Why is it important to update my address?

You will be fined, miss important driver’s license and vehicle registration renewal notifications, fail to pay traffic fines or parking tickets on time, etc.

Can I change my name and address on my Driving License simultaneously?

You can only update your name and address simultaneously if you’re applying for a new license or identification. Otherwise, the processes must be followed separately.

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