When Is The Best Time To Move?

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Best Time to Move – Infographic

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A lot comes into play when determining the best time to move. For starters, you need to ensure that you have a budget and stick to it. This means that the best time to move is when the cost is favorable. You should also consider the climate condition. For instance, summer is not the best time to be packing and moving around, especially with the scorching sun.

Additionally, consider your availability as it is much better if you carry out the moving process when you are not working on a tight schedule. While the best time to move solely depends on your budget and preference, we have compiled a guide to help you make a better decision for an affordable and seamless moving experience.

Best Season to Move

The best season to move will depend mostly on your budget, availability, and preference. For example, if you are working on a tight budget, the best time to move is fall. This is due to low demand hence the low cost of moving. If you have a permanent job or you have schooling kids, the best time to move is during the summer break. If the weather is your primary concern, you should shy away from summer and winter as the climate can be a bit tough.

Winter: Moving during winter is considerably cheap and therefore, an ideal season if you are looking to save money. The demand for removal services is also low, thus increased flexibility. However, the condition of the roads is not favorable at this time. Maneuverability becomes hard, especially when it gets snowy, and this explains the reason behind the low demand.

Summer: Summer is a favorable season if you want to sell your house and move to a new one. The demand is high, which means you can sell it fast. It is also a suitable time to move if you have school kids as they will be on summer break. Nonetheless, the cost of moving in summer is quite high and therefore not the best time if you are looking to save money. Also, the hot and humid weather conditions can make the process quite stressful.

Spring: This is the most favorable moving period because of both good weather and affordable price. However, it can be hectic for those with schooling kids, especially with the exams and school activities.

Fall: Moving during the fall season comes with some advantages, the main one being suitable weather conditions. The temperatures are way better compared to the other seasons. Also, the cost of moving is lower than in summer and winter. However, this is the season when schools open and, therefore, not the best time for people with schooling kids.

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Best Month of the Year

Again, this will depend on your budget and specific needs. Most individuals are after saving money, and in this case, the best time to move is when the demand for moving services is on the lowest. September to April window is characterized by low demand hence low prices.

The peak season kicks in between May and September. This is because most families with schooling kids are trying to take advantage of the summer break to settle in their new homes. Also, spring features favorable weather conditions, which make these months a good time. Consequently, it is not the best if you are working on a tight budget.

Apartments lease period mostly ends and starts in early fall and late spring. This means that the demand for moving services is quite high, and so are the prices. You should refrain from moving during this season if you live in a town with many colleges or universities. Their moving season starts around early September, and you should, therefore, try your best to move before or after this period.

If possible, try and move a few months after the end of the school period. A lot of families will be on the move as soon as schools are closed. Waiting until everyone settles so you can embark on your moving process will do you good.

Best Week of the Month

A “mid-month” move is a lot better than a move at the beginning or towards the end of the month. During the mid-month the demand is typically the lowest and for that reason, your costs may be lowest as well. Since most leases begin during the start of the month (almost all on the first), it’s going to be busy for moving companies too.

Best Day of the Week

Weekends are most people’s preferred time to move, and you should, therefore, do things differently. Weekdays are filled with activities, all from work to taking kids to school, and you might not get time in between your schedule to move. However, if you want to save money and have a seamless moving experience, you should do whatever it takes and fix a day before the weekend. Moving when everyone else is doing it can be hectic, especially with the scarcity of moving companies.

Friday is also not a very good time. It is highly recommendable that you pick a day between Monday and Thursday, give up on other activities for a day and have the most stress-free and affordable relocation.

Best Time of the Day to Move

This one will mostly depend on your schedule. Everyone has different plans for the day, and you should, therefore, determine the best time based on what time you will be done with other activities. However, it is best if you dedicate the entire day to moving if possible. If you have had a busy week, it means that you did not get time to sort out stuff, and you, therefore, have to start your morning with that.

The best time of the day to move is during the morning hours. The weather in the morning is cool, and you will feel more productive. Even the movers will prefer working during morning hours to doing it in the afternoon. This is especially best during the warm season as the sun can be harsh during the afternoon hours, thus making the moving process hectic.

You can dedicate the night before the moving day to sorting out your things, as this makes work easier for the movers. While they are likely to help you pack, having everything sorted will significantly help you save time. Also, if you are doing it yourself, it is more convenient if you start in the morning. You are more energetic and fruitful in the early hours compared to the afternoon.

Other Considerations

As earlier mentioned, the ideal time to move depends on your budget, needs, and preference. Consequently, you have to put some factors into consideration to help you determine the most suitable time to move. Some of the aspects to consider include;

Your Work: If you are employed or have a full-time job, you should select a timeline that favors both your work and moving. You should not let moving to be the reason for losing your job unless you have already figured out an alternative. The best time to move is during your work break or the weekend.

Family Needs: Ensure that every member of your family fits in your preferred timeline. For example, if you have schooling kids, ensure that moving does not interfere with their studies. Put your spouse into consideration too, and ensure they are okay with the chosen date.

Weather: The weather condition plays a critical role in this. It will determine how seamless or stressful the moving process will be. Avoid too cold or scorching weather.

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With these tips, you will undoubtedly be in a better position to make a sound moving decision. Moving can be stressful but not with a practical plan in place. You should not rush to pick the first date that comes in your mind without considering how that will affect other aspects of your life, such as finances, work, and school.

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