What State Has The Least Natural Disasters

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When you’re looking at different states to move you, safety is one of the most crucial factors to consider. The bigger the geographical area of the country, the bigger its probability of having multiple natural disasters. In the USA, natural disasters are a common occurrence and that’s not a secret. Hurricanes, storms, wildfires, floods, and earthquakes are different kinds of natural disasters that the USA experiences. These cause a great deal of damage and are also responsible for the biggest global death rates.

If you’re looking to move to a new state you may want to look at the climatic and geographical conditions to ensure it’s a safe state. If you’re wondering what state has the least natural disasters, this guide is sure to help.


Common Natural Disasters In The US

Lightning and windstorms are some natural disasters that can occur anywhere while calamities like wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes are only common in certain regions. But when it comes to the USA, we know that it’s home to all sorts of natural disasters. Almost all kinds of natural disasters are present here and are spread across its vast 50 states. Most of these states have at least more than 2 kinds of natural disasters that it is prone to.

If you look at these disasters individually, the most common kinds of natural disasters that have been reported in the country are wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. These disasters cause a lot of damage to property and are responsible for global death rates as mentioned earlier.

We’ve listed out the state with the least natural disasters, alongside 9 other states that follow in its footsteps.

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We must be honest: there’s no one answer to what state has the least natural disasters. But, Montana sure makes the top three and is deserving of the number one spot. Montana is one of the safest states with a low number of natural disasters, escaping from the likes of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms. It is surrounded by mountains, has beautiful lakes, rivers, plains, and a whole lot of greenery across the state. The inland locations prevent it from being vulnerable to tropical storms and cyclones. The Rocky Mountains also protect it from many other natural calamities which makes it a safe state to reside in.

Flooding is the only natural disaster that Montana is prone to, but even that has occurred only about 10 times in the past century! Why we’ve picked this state as our answer is clearly indisputable.


Michigan is another state with the least number of natural disasters in the country, placing it in our top three. Due to its geographical location in the midwest, the state has a low probability of storms, hurricanes, or floods. The state has the second-largest coastline and is also known to be a green heave. The state has managed to keep its natural surroundings intact without causing any damage along with the modernization that the state has undergone in the past few years.

Besides, the population here is also low. The state also has pretty stable weather which is another contributing factor to not causing any natural disasters. These are some factors that have contributed to making it one of the states with the least natural disasters.


Minnesota, just like Michigan, is located in the midwest region of the country. This region of the country is the safest from natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, putting Minnesota in the safe zone! Minneapolis-St. Paul is considered to be the safest place in the state from natural disasters. This area hasn’t seen any natural disasters in a very long time and is considered to be one of the safest in the country. You can definitely have a good night’s sleep when you move to Minnesota.

The city has experienced tornadoes and floods in the past, but the severity of these is very low and they don’t cause damage like in most other states in the country.

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New Hampshire

Hampshire is a state neighbor to Vermont and Maine and just like these two states, even Hampshire is safe from natural disasters. The emergency preparedness in this state is top-notch which is also another contributing factor that makes it safe compared to other states in the country. It has dense forests and is known to have the shortest coastline in the country. The state is located in the northern part of the US, which is usually prone to hurricanes. But due to its farther northern location, by the time the hurricanes hit the city, they’ve already lost their intensity.

The small coastline majorly remains safe for most parts and is visited by locals all year long. Flooding is a common occurrence here, but the state has taken all precautionary measures to ensure that no serious damage is caused to the residents or the state property.


Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country. Surrounded by the Rockies and with lush greenery and river canyons, the terrain of the state is one of the main reasons why it’s least likely to experience any natural disasters. The forests and mountains here are also covered in snow during the winters, and the low temperatures ensure the snow takes its time to melt away. This makes for another safe bet since it wards off the heat and rage of forest fires.

Colorado is known for its favorable climatic conditions. The ideal, pleasant temperatures here are usually moderate almost all year long with little to no sudden changes, which eliminates the possibility of any natural disasters. Wildfires can occur here but the intensity is quite under control.


Vermont is located in the northeastern region of the country and is another safe state from natural disasters. The location, geography, and topography of Vermont are one of the primary reasons why the probability of a natural disaster occurring here is so slim. The densely forested areas, the greenery, the natural landscapes, and the big mountains all give the state a fairly stable environmental condition, contributing to making Vermont a state safe from natural disasters.

Additionally, the state has financial safety to protect and help its residents in times when a disaster strikes. The emergency preparedness of the state is commendable; in the event that disaster strikes, it reduces the chances of causing any grievous damages. You could experience some flooding or storms when living in Vermont, but that too is very rare and unusual. In fact, the last flood in Vermont occurred in 1927 which was the Great Flood.



Maryland has had three of its cities listed as among the safest from natural disasters for several consecutive years now. Bethesda, Rockville, and Frederick are these cities with the least number of natural disasters in the state and the country as well! Virginia’s Cape Charles, Delmarva Peninsula, and North Carolina’s shoreline are located near the coastal regions of Maryland that protect it from any tropical storms. So even if the storms pass these areas, by the time they reach Maryland, their intensity is low and they cause minimal damage.

Maryland does experience floods, but the intensity is mild. The state has also taken a few measures to protect the city from any major flooding which makes the damage that much less catastrophic.

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Akron, Cleveland, and Dayton are also among the safest cities in the country from any kind of natural disaster, and all of them are part of Ohio State in the USA. These three cities are the ones that have not experienced a single natural disaster in over 75 years! The northeastern region of the state does fall under the slow-belt region and has occurrences of heavy snowfall. But, the emergency preparedness in the state is well-built to handle it.

Ohio is prone to light flooding, but it has managed to ensure the safety of its residents and taken precautionary measures; for context, the most significant flood in the state occurred back in 1990.


Maine is a state that is safe from major hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, or volcanic eruptions. It is located in the southern parts of the country and this region is prone to hurricanes. But because of the northern terrain of the state, its risks of hurricanes are very slim compared to other southern states like Florida and Georgia.

Historically, Maine is a state that’s prone to wildfires, thunderstorms, storms, and floods. But according to past records, its most recent flood was over 10 years ago, and it faces roughly about 20 mild thunderstorms a year. This is a very minimal number compared to other states in the country.


Illinois, besides being one of the best places to live in the country, is also one of the safest from natural disasters. The state is bordered by Indiana and the Mississippi River and is located in the mid-regions of the country. As we all know by now, this geographical region is the safest from any natural disasters.

During the summers and winters, the temperatures are pretty mild which is one indicator that the state is safe from any harsh weather conditions. This also prevents any tornadoes and hurricanes from occurring in the state. Illinois does experience cold and heat waves, and flooding, but to very less severity.

Summing Up

These are the 10 states in the USA that are safest in terms of natural disasters. Now, as you must’ve read, they’re not completely safe from all kinds of natural disasters, but the intensity is much lower. Besides, the emergency preparedness in each of these states is ranked pretty well. This means that the state government has taken effective initiatives to ensure that no serious damage is caused in case of any serious or intense natural disaster. So if you’re looking for a state to move to that is safe from natural disasters, you may want to consider the ones listed above.

FAQs On What State Has The Least Natural Disasters

Which Natural Disasters Are Common In The USA?

The USA is a state that is prone to almost all kinds of natural disasters. But the most common natural disasters that the country is prone to are flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes.

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What Is The Best State To Live In To Avoid Natural Disasters?

If you’re looking for a state to move to that is prone to fewer natural disasters, Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Maine, and Vermont are the ones that stand out.

What US State Has The Most Natural Disasters?

Out of the 50 states in the country, California is the state that is prone to the most natural disasters. Texas is the state that follows right after. They are the most populated states and their geographical conditions are not the most favorable for natural disasters either.

Which States In The US Have No Natural Disasters?

There is no state in the USA that has no natural disaster. All states in the country have at least a few natural disasters that they are prone to, but if you compare them with the states with the highest number of natural disasters, Montana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Maryland are the states that are least prone to natural disasters.

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