Moving from Texas to Tennessee – A Detailed Guide

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If you need a change of space from Texas, then Tennessee is the place you should consider moving to. Upon entering the state, you’ll be enamored by juicy barbecues, vibrant communities, and lush surroundings. More than that, Tennessee has a vibrant musical heritage. You’ll surely recognize this place as the hometown of Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton.

Want to know more about what makes this state charming? Our article below will weigh all the aspects you need to consider when moving from Texas to Tennessee.


Some Points To Explore Before Moving From Texas To Tennessee


On the comfort index scale, Texas has a score of 7.2 whereas Tennessee bags a close 7.3. Even though both states have nearly similar weather conditions, Tennessee has a slight advantage over Texas; it gets fewer sunny days. Summers can get pretty brutal in Texas and Tennessee and more sunny days mean more unbearable heat! Texas sees an average of 235 sunny days while Tennessee has an average of 207.

Summertime is AC time in both states. During the peak summer season, Texas sees temperatures between 92°F to 100°F throughout the state. Nights are usually more pleasant as temperatures range between 67°F to 75°F, making the climate bearable. However, a typical day during the peak summer season in Tennessee sees temperatures going above 100°F. This is caused due to Tennessee’s high humidity levels. On average, Tennessee’s summer temperatures are a bit milder ranging in the 82°F to 92°F zone. Temperatures in Tennessee can be even more lenient ranging between 59°F to 74°F.

To escape Tennessee’s long summers, you should make the best use of this time by fishing, visiting farmer markets, and fairs. Tourist attractions such as Watts Bar Lake in eastern Tennessee are a wonderful place to sip on a cocktail and survive the summer heat. Wear light-colored clothes and carry sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays and humidity.

Winters in Tennessee are harsh as well. Temperatures can get below freezing, especially at night. Day temperatures are cold ranging predominantly in the 46°F to 50°F. Warm coats, mufflers, and gloves are a must during this season. Try planning your move during the summer months when the climate is more forgiving. Texas receives harsh winters as well with temperatures being in the 52°F to 71°F, but they are slightly warmer than Tennessee’s.

Both states rarely experience any snowfall but they do receive a substantial amount of rain. Tennessee sees an average of 53 inches of rain per year, whereas Texas gets 36 inches of rainfall. So get those raincoats and umbrellas off the top shelf because you will be receiving a lot of rain in Tennessee.

Tennessee’s Weather In A Nutshell:

  •  Tennessee has pretty unforgiving summers and winters. So be careful! While planning, try moving to Tennessee from mid-September to mid-November. Temperatures are much moderate and range between 65°F to 73°F.
  • Tennessee receives an above-average rainfall per annum, so watch out for floods and tornadoes. This state is notoriously known for having the most tornadoes per year. Check weather forecasts before going out, especially during mid-summer.
  • Just because Tennessee has slightly harsher weather conditions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. There is plenty to love in this state such as the fairs and farmer markets.

Cost Of Living

Moving to a different state or even a country makes sense if you want to ease out a bit of the expenditure. The beauty and the aesthetic value of the place can be secondary. You should know that Tennessee is comparably more expensive than Texas, but don’t worry, it’s just a 1.7% increase. Utilities, real estate, and clothing are the culprits for this increased cost of living. You’ll have to cut a couple of corners to purchase a house as real estate is 5% higher in Tennessee than in Texas. On the brighter side, Tennessee’s property tax rates (0.64%) are much lower than in Texas (1.69%), so you’ll save a bit of money on that. If buying a house is not within your means, renting becomes the second most viable option. Compared to Texas, rent rates are 15% less in Tennessee.

StateMedian Home ValueAverage Market Rent Per Month

Another factor that contributes to Tennessee’s cost of living is its taxes. Although there’s no state income tax, the base sales tax (7.00% ) is among the highest in the U.S. On the other hand, Texas has no income tax plus a lower base sales tax (6.25%) than Tennessee.

Where driving is concerned, gasoline is a bit pricier in Tennessee ($0.59) as compared to the price in Texas ($0.57). But again it is just a marginal 4%. Hence, you won’t have to cut many corners in this case.


Some items such as fruits and milk cost slightly more in Tennessee in contrast with Texas’ prices. However, the average cost of your groceries will be 0.8% cheaper in Tennessee than in Texas. One loaf of bread ($2.25), about 1 lb of cheese ($4.90), a dozen of eggs ($1.69), and around a pound of potatoes will be $11.22. The same items in Texas would cost you around $12 (one loaf of bread= $2.28, 1 lb of cheese= $5.02, a dozen eggs= $2.01, around a pound of potatoes= $2.62). You can buy and eat to your heart’s content.


Utilities are a bit on the higher side in Tennessee compared to the rates in Texas. A basic internet plan is 7.5% higher in Tennessee ($70.25) than in Texas ($65.33). Your electricity and gas bills are also pricier in Tennessee ($128.53) than in Texas ($123) as well. Air conditioning is necessary to survive Tennessee’s hot and humid climate; hence the expensive utility bills.



We love discussing economics; the rise and fall of the market, how resources are consumed, and other types of jargon. Knowing the economy of the state is important when scouting for new jobs. Having no idea of the job market will lead you to make poor decisions.

When it comes to Texas and Tennessee, both states have massive economies; Texas’ GDP is around $1.9 trillion whereas Tennessee’s GDP stands at $312 billion. Texas’s economy is driven by financial services, manufacturing, and IT technology providing millions of jobs for its residents. It may look like Tenneessee’s contribution is minuscule compared to Texas’, but its booming economy has created a surge of economic opportunities for the people.

Here are some industries that have impacted Tennessee’s GDP positively:

  • Automotive Engineering – Automobile giants such as Nissan and GM have some of their headquarters in the Volunteer State.
  • Film Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Energy

Since Tennessee’s economy is diverse, we have a lower unemployment rate than in Texas. In terms of statistics, Tennessee has an unemployment rate of 4.7%, while Texas has a rate of 6.2%. In comparison to Texas, Tennessee has a higher literacy rate. This explains why its unemployment rate is so low.

You may be put off by the fact that you’ll earn a bit less in Tennessee, but there’s nothing to fret about as the cost of living is just a little more expensive than Texas:

  • Median Household Income in Texas – $61,874
  • Median Household Income in Tennessee – $53,320

Now coming to living expenses. Assuming you don’t have any extra members to provide, you should earn a minimum of $27,563 annually to live comfortably. Having one child with you as the only working person, $54,702 should be enough to take care of yourself and your child.

Getting Around In Tennessee

Public transport is pretty reliable in Tennessee. Each county has some kind of transportation; it may be in the form of buses, railroads, or even ferries. For passenger commute, major cities like Memphis and Newbern are looked after by the Amtrak City of New Orleans. Music City Star serves Nashville. If you prefer to commute by bus, Nashville has several buses registered under the MTA, which will take you to and from the airport and other parts of Downtown Nashville.

What Makes Tennessee Special?

  • Tennessee brews some of its finest beer. With the number of brewers around, you’re sure of having a good time with your family or friends. Also, who doesn’t love alcohol?
  • Where employment is concerned, Tennessee has a diverse job market. With its booming economy, there is a good scope for job growth.
  • When the weather is much better, the outdoors are pretty amazing in Tennessee. Rock climbing, waterskiing, and boating are some of the Tennessean’s favorite pastimes. The sight from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is something to behold.

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Top Places To Move To In Tennessee


Located in Shelby County, Germantown is considered one of Tennessee’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Retail and commercial services hold the majority of the economy in Germantown, making it a good place to do business. Moreover, the city is recognized for its parks and has an extensive horse trail, and to keep local banter lively, the Germantown Charity Horse Show is held every June.

Median Home Value: $389,600

Median Home Rent: $1,723

Spring Hill

In terms of education, Spring Hill is one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family. When it comes to leisure, take a trip to Rippavilla Plantation and the Battle of Spring Hill site if you’re interested in American history. Also, the crime rate is way less in this city as compared to others. Therefore, you can be sure of feeling safe over here. The schools have variety, making it easier for people to continue or start their education.

Median Home Value: $286,800

Median Rent: $1,401


Brentwood, known as the city of ‘Burning Faith,’ is renowned for its quality school systems, safe neighborhoods, and recreation areas. The atmosphere is clean and its parks are filled with children playing in them. If you ever need a breather from the hustle and bustle of life, visit Crockett Park, Primm Park, and Owl Creek Park.

Median Home Value: $655,400

Median Rent: $2,085


Some Points To Think About When Moving From Texas To Tennessee

  • It’s important to remain organized before your move. With your documents being scattered and trying to remember where you kept them last will only cause panic and anxiety. Have a separate box only for your documents that includes passports, licenses, permits, property paper, etc.
  • Be vigilant before finalizing any deals with any mover. Research a bit on the company you are interested in and check if they are registered and insured. Fake moving companies have a knack for scamming by asking people for an advance down payment; ultimately eloping with the money. So, please do a thorough inspection.
  • Don’t take the first deal that a mover offers. Go through at least 3 more movers before deciding on anything. Different companies have various offers, packages, and discounts. In that way, you’ll save a bit of money.
  • Driving will take you approximately 13 hours from Texas to Tennessee; flying takes close to 2 hours. The latter is a cheaper and time-efficient option.
  • Creating an inventory a couple of months before your move will help you to decide which items are necessary. The unnecessary ones can be sold and with the money, you can fund more resources for your move. Don’t underestimate downsizing items that are unnecessary.

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How Much Will It Cost To Move From Texas To Tennessee?

The approximate distance between Texas and Tennessee is around 913.7 miles via the I-30 E and I-40 E. It’s a rather small commute. However, moving prices can skyrocket depending on the time, size, and location of the people. For instance, the approximate price of moving from Dallas to Nashville is between $3,045 to $8,700 approximately. You can further reduce costs by not moving during peak season. Check for holidays especially.

  • Professional Moving Company: $1,630 – $2,100
  • Moving Container: $1,726 – $2,330
  • Freight Company: $1,330 – $1,890
  • Rental Truck: $898 – $1,212

A professional moving company will do all the work for you: they will handle logistics, pack, load, and unload your items delivering them to your doorstep. This method will save a lot of time and energy, but it is expensive. Some companies offer junk removal as well for an additional fee. Those who are facing financial constraints can hire a moving container or rent a truck. But you’ll have to do all the heavy work.


Summing up everything, Tennessee has a lot to offer to its citizens and newcomers alike. It’s true that you’ll earn a bit less in Tennessee and the cost of living is slightly higher, but its booming economy has opened a plethora of job opportunities to all walks of life. In addition, the music scene is vibrant and the people are welcoming. What more do you want?


How Much Does It Cost To Move From Texas To Tennessee?

The prices all depend on the size, location, and time of the move. Costs can range from $2,100 to $8,700. Also, moves during the holiday season affect the net cost as well.

Is Moving From Texas To Tennessee Worth It?

Tennessee has a lot of pros and cons. If you’re able to cope with the cost of living in Tennessee, then it is a great place to move to. Also, the economy is pretty good and the unemployment rate is low.

Is It More Expensive To Live In Tennessee Than In Texas?

Tennessee is a tad costlier than Texas. But that won’t be a problem as the difference is small. If you’re after real estate, the rates are expensive, but the property taxes are low. So it kind of balances the expensive part. In general, you won’t have to make significant changes to your lifestyle; maybe a little bit here and there.

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