11 Best Charlotte NC Neighborhoods to Live In

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Best Charlotte NC Neighborhoods to Live In

Charlotte is a city that has been growing and changing for many years. There are so many different neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. If you live in Charlotte, knowing the advantages of living in your neighborhood is essential. With this list of some of the best neighborhoods to live in Charlotte, NC, you can find what is right for you.

This article will give you a glimpse into some of the most unique neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC.


Here is a list of the best Charlotte, NC, neighborhoods to live in.

1. Uptown

The challenges we may encounter don’t daunt us; instead, they bring us together in one spot where everyone can feel uplifted and upbeat: Uptown. It’s more than simply the heart of our region; it’s where our hearts sing, our spirits fly, and our feet dance to every rhythm of the city.

Uptown is a small, vibrant community within Charlotte. It’s a place where people work together with shared energy and enthusiasm to create a balanced atmosphere of business, fun, culture, and excitement. Sports fans can visit the NBA Hornets’ arena or watch the NFL Panthers play at their home field.

With just under 30,000 residents, Uptown is home to nearly 20 million visitors each year and employs almost 115,000 people.

  • The median sale price: $344,500
  • The median rent: $1,522

2. Plaza Midwood

Consider Reynolds town the intersection of eclectic inventiveness and traditional Southern values. On one side, you’ll find historic homes and business spaces sheltered by a canopy of century-old oaks: on the other, spray-painted consignment stores selling used items.

From breweries to booksellers to BBQ restaurants, it’s safe to say you won’t be bored living in Plaza Midwood. The neighborhood has a rich history and strong sense of community, thanks to its proximity to the Charlotte Country Day School and other local schools.

Neighborhoods such as Belmont exemplify the diversity of Charlotte’s cultural mosaic. Historically, Belmont was home to immigrant workers who worked on surrounding cotton and textile mills. Today, the diversity of its residents reflects Charlotte’s rapid growth.

  • The median sale price: $570,000
  • The median rent: $1,334

3. Dilworth

Three miles of Sugar Creek Greenway trails run through Dilworth. It’s also easy to reach the Rail Trail, which is a paved path for jogging, walking, rollerblading, and cycling. Dilworth is also home to Freedom Park, where summer concerts are held.

The main attraction in Forest Park is Freedom Park, a 98-acre park with paved pathways circling a lake leading to baseball fields, tennis and volleyball courts, and soccer fields. The Carolina Panthers have established a Play 365 playground for a Ninja Warrior-type experience. The vast climbing area, swings, sandbox anchored by an original train are just some of the features.

The Historic West End is home to Charlotte’s first African American School of Medicine and Charles R. Drew Middle School, another historic landmark in this thriving community.

Nestled between Anson Street, Central Avenue, Beatties Ford Road, Hawthorne Lane, and The Plaza, residents can find various housing options in this stable area of Charlotte.

  • The median sale price: $660,000
  • The median rent: $1,895


4. SouthPark

SouthPark isn’t simply the eponymous shopping center. SouthPark is much more than just its namesake shopping mall, and it’s not as exclusive as you’d think. This upmarket Charlotte area has high-end restaurants and watering holes, ample boutiques selling cutting-edge fashion trends, vast homes with immaculately groomed lawns, and plenty of trees.

You’ll find most of the shopping and dining options in SouthPark, about a mile west of I-485. Anytime is a great time to visit this lovely neighborhood, whether you’re looking for upscale living or high-end shopping. Neighborhoods like these are where it’s at if you want luxury living with access to shopping, dining, and entertainment.

  • The median sale price: $455,000
  • The median rent: $1,522

5. South End

When you walk into the vibrant South End area for the first time, you’ll see how numerous alternatives abound. Local and international tastes are on display in a variety of cuisines. Homegrown breweries and coffee shops dot the landscape. Art galleries, public art, and street art adorn every intersection. You’ll find it all here, from local boutiques to top national retailers.

Anchored by the Charlotte Transportation Center, South End is a former manufacturing and warehousing district that’s now home to shops, restaurants, breweries, and offices. The area has a funky, artsy vibe and a “go with the flow” attitude.

Located in Charlotte’s South End, Atherton Mill is a 69-acre mixed-use complex that features restaurants, breweries, retail outlets, offices space, and loft apartments. Because of its location adjacent to the light rail extension and close to Uptown Charlotte.

  • The median sale price: $572,000
  • The median rent: $1,819

6. NoDa (The Arts District)

The name of the neighborhood and its location in Charlotte, North Carolina, is “NoDa,” which is short for “North Davidson.” The arts district in Charlotte, North Carolina, located one mile northeast of Uptown, is known as NoDa. With its proximity to downtown and active community life, this has become one of Charlotte’s most popular places to live.

The area surrounding NoDa is home to Charlotte’s eclectic mix of artists, musicians, and small business owners. The area’s charm comes from its diversity of old homes near historic landmarks like the Bynum General Store; apartments; small businesses; funky shops; art galleries; wine bars; local restaurants, including American cuisine with international flair. Add the growing residential area, and you get a great place to live.

North Charlotte’s The NoDa is the center of North Charlotte. The area has chosen to define the neighborhood’s limits rather than be represented by the broader North Charlotte region.

  • The median sale price: $489,000
  • The median rent: $1,522


7. Midtown

Uptown’s Midtown is a rapidly growing area located minutes from downtown. This new urban environment has the finest aspects of what Charlotte offers, including lovely scenery, exquisite dining, excellent housing, and an infinite number of shopping possibilities. There are offices in this location as well if you wish to work and live near each other while living in this wonderfully vibrant region.

At the intersection of South Tryon and Sharon Amity Streets, the Sugar Creek Greenway connects directly into Freedom Park. This beautiful walkway also passes through charming Midtown Park, giving stunning views of downtown Charlotte. Wedding photography and wedding parties are not uncommon in this park. Join the health movement by jogging or cycling along this wonderful route.

  • The median sale price: $305,000
  • The median rent: $1,473

8. North End/Midtown (Central Avenue)

This neighborhood is close to Charlotte, North Carolina, central business district, and is located in between Uptown and Plaza-Midwood neighborhoods. The area is one of the most urbanized areas in Charlotte, with an eclectic full of shops, restaurants, professional offices, and other service-related businesses. The area is anchored by the Historic Central Avenue Business District and has recently seen a surge of private investment and public improvements.

The North End of Charlotte is a dynamic neighborhood. The area has been around for decades, and the businesses have been established for years. Also, this is an extremely walkable area of town where you will find everything from local dining to late-night entertainment. This area is serviced by many bus routes and is within walking distance of Uptown Charlotte.

  • The median sale price: $450,781
  • The median rent: $1,522

9. Commonwealth

The Commonwealth neighborhood, one of Charlotte’s popular, secluded nooks, is in the northeast section of the city. Commonwealth lies between Central Ave and Independence Blvd and is populated with charming homes and cottages; it is a hidden jewel nestled among Central Avenue and Independence Boulevard. It is close to large businesses, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Activities in the area include:

  • Dining at award-winning restaurants.
  • Catching an independent film at The Manor Theatre.
  • Browsing through shops, including one of Charlotte’s local boutiques.

Commonwealth Neighborhood Association has frequent neighborhood events to attend throughout the year.

Among the many factors that contribute to a high quality of life in Charlotte are its excellent overall scores on livability inspection websites compared to neighboring areas. In addition, with its high graduation rates and other categories measured, Commonwealth was one of the city’s most well-liked neighborhoods. On average, the neighborhood home prices amount to about 300k.

  • The median sale price: $552,500
  • The median rent: $2,814


10. Barclay Downs

Barclay Downs, located on what was once part of a 3,000-acre farm owned by NC Gov. Cameron Morrison and claims to be one of Charlotte’s and the State of North Carolina’s top-rated neighborhoods, is one of the state’s most popular places.

Barclay Downs is a lovely neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta. It is located on the border between DeKalb and Fulton counties, near Emory University’s campus and close to both Druid Hills Village and Piedmont Park.

Residents of Barclay Downs enjoy the neighborhood’s low crime rate and school system. The area is beautiful, with its rolling hills and winding streets surrounded by lush landscaping. You can choose from a variety of homes for sale in this upscale neighborhood.

  • The median sale price: $300,500
  • The median rent: $1,658

11. Steele Creeks

Steele Creek is a city in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and one of the finest places to live in the state. Residents of Steele Creek enjoy a dense suburban environment, with most people owning their homes and plenty of trees and greenery. Steele Creek is one of the best places to live in North Carolina because of its safe environment and excellent public schools as well as shopping, parks, restaurants, and entertainment available within minutes from home.

Located north of Charlotte along I-77 at East WT Harris Boulevard exit 23 is an excellent community for those who love city life. The city is diverse, with people of all different cultures and backgrounds, making it an extremely interesting place to live.

The area is filled with old oak trees, winding creeks, Victorian homes, and tree-lined streets. Common amenities include a community pool, picnic area, playgrounds, soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, exercise trails, and more. There are many activities for residents to enjoy within the community, including one of Charlotte’s best farmer’s markets hosted by Steele Creek Farms.

  • The median sale price: $383,000
  • The median rent: $1,274

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Each area in Charlotte, NC offers something for everyone and is a great place to call home. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for you with so many options. To help make that decision easier, consider your family’s needs and how much money you have available to spend on housing costs every month before making any final decisions, regardless of where you choose to live in this beautiful city.

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Best Charlotte NC Neighborhoods to live in?

The best Charlotte NC neighborhoods are Barclay Downs, Barringer, Steele Creek, Commonwealth.

Is Barclay Downs the best place to live in Mecklenburg County?

Barclay Downs is one of the best places to live in North Carolina, but it is not the only good choice. The best Charlotte NC neighborhoods are Barclay Downs, Barringer, Steele Creek, and Commonwealth.

What is the average home price in Steele Creek?

The average home price in Steele Creek is around $390k; however, this varies depending on what specific homes are for sale at any given time.

Where can I learn more about Charlotte, NC, neighborhoods?

The biggest resource available for this is their use of interactive maps, allowing you to zoom in and view all types of different information on homes, schools, crime rates, etc.

Are there any neighborhoods for younger professionals?

Yes. Some of the best Charlotte, NC neighborhoods for this group are Barringer, Barclay Downs, and Commonwealth; however, there are much more available.

How much does it cost to live in the best Charlotte, NC, neighborhoods?

The average cost of living for one individual in Charlotte is $948/month, not including rent or mortgage payments. The monthly cost to live in a family of four is around $3,400. That figure does not account for rent or mortgage payments. The typical living expenses per person in Charlotte are under $950 per month without factoring in housing. Food costs are around $200 per month, with most people spending an additional 300-500 on various types of entertainment.

What is the average home price in North Carolina?

The average cost of a home for a single-family is $509,808, while the typical cost for a family of four is $1,248,726.


What is the average rental price in North Carolina?

The average cost of a rental for a single-family home is $1,563/month, while the average cost for a family of four is $3,472/month.

Are there any gated communities in North Carolina?

Yes, there are several gated communities in North Carolina. Some of the best Charlotte, NC neighborhoods for this type of community are Barclay Downs, Barringer, and Steele Creek; however, there are also many available throughout all areas of North Carolina.

Are there any neighborhoods with waterfront views?

There are many neighborhoods throughout all areas of North Carolina with waterfront views. Some of the best Charlotte, NC neighborhoods are Barclay Downs, Barringer, Steele Creek, and Commonwealth.

What is the most popular neighborhood in Charlotte?

The most popular neighborhood in Uptown Charlotte is close to major attractions and has a wide range of different styles of homes to choose from. However, the most popular neighborhoods in North Carolina depend on what is available near you

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