How to Move a Freezer

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Move a Freezer

Did you pack the little-little things? Yes? Are you sure? Trophies inside the showcase? Packed? Wow! Books on the shelf? Done? Very well! The Hawaiian sleepers from the shoe rack? Aha! Great. Groceries? Hmm, Hmm! & Freezer? Nope? Got you! So, do you want to move the Freezer but don’t know how? Of course, This will take several days, but you don’t have that much time? Heavy materials need heavy attention & heavy attention needs simple hacks to make the work easier and fast.

So, here are some of the fast and easy steps to move your Freezer.

If you can afford it, the easiest and fast step is to hire professional and chill, but if you are doing it by yourself, then gather your two strong gym buddies & collect the essentials like blankets, dolly, cleaning material, old towels, packing tape, Scissors, a box cutter, utility knife, rope, bubble wrap, boxes needed while moving.

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Step 1: The first and obvious step is to empty your Freezer

Obviously, your frozen food makes the Freezer heavier, and loose items can bang on the sides of your Freezer and damage its interior. Also, it will spoil your food. By emptying your Freezer, you will have more space to work. Removing contents from the Freezer will help food remain cold during transportation. Make sure to pack all of your food in cooler boxes and place them in a shady spot while you’re packing up the Freezer.

Step 2: Disconnect the icemaker

It depends on the model you have, different models have different icemakers, but the basic is to unplug your Freezer, find the water supply valve, and shut it off.

Step 3: Defrost your Freezer

Naturally, when you unplug your Freezer, it will automatically start to defrost. It will take at least 24 hours to complete depending on the temperature where it is situated and the amount of ice formed inside. One way to do this faster is to fill a dishwashing tub with hot water and place the Freezer. Leave the door open so the water can circulate the Freezer. You can also use a hairdryer to defrost the Freezer – blow the warm air into the Freezer and around the door to help it defrost. Be careful not to damage your Freezer by using too much heat.

Step 4: Cleaning Freezer & Measure its Size

Now you can easily clean your Freezer. Remove shelves drawers and keep them aside. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean the surface of the Freezer, shelves & drawers. Using this paste and sponge, you can avoid the smell it causes; if you still find any unpleasant odor, leave a small amount of baking soda overnight to neutralize the odor. Leave the Freezer to open air. Measure the length width of your Freezer and measure the space where you are keeping it.

Step 5: Wrap the Freezer using blankets

Pack all your food in cooler boxes and keep them in a shady spot. This will keep your food cold during the move. To ensure the safety of the surfaces, use blankets to cover them and tie them with ropes. Wrap all the edges with bubble wrap. Tape all the joints to keep packing material in space. If your Freezer is chest-style, you will need to secure it to the moving truck. Tie rope or bungee cords around it and attach them to the truck. Once you have packed your Freezer, make sure if it’s working or not by plugging.

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Step 6: Now your Freezer is ready for the move

Use dolly for moving your heavy Freezer. Dolly can make your work easy to do. Dolly is a platform on wheels. You need to lift or tilt the Freezer, insert it underneath and steer it wherever you want to go once the Freezer is balanced; secure it by using ratchet straps, or you can also use a rope to tie it. Label your Freezer with its new address. This will help ensure that it goes to the right place. Avoid moving your upstanding Freezer on its side and chest freezer on its back. It can cause the refrigerant in the coils to displace and damage them.

Step 7: Wheel your Freezer to moving truck

Wheel dolly towards moving truck, you should carefully slide it through doorways or bumps. Please call one man to push the dolly and one to navigate or control the dolly.

Step 8: Load the Freezer into the truck

Always load your goods in the back of the moving truck to reduce the bouncing during transport. Use the ramp to load your Freezer into the truck. As per wheeling, ask one of your friends to push and one to navigate and control, placing it safely inside the truck, or you can pull it up with the same approach. Use packing material in between walls and Freezer.

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Step 9: Start truck, reach the destination and unload your Freezer

Use your friend’s help to unload Freezer from the truck, carefully slide it down using the ramp & again, with the help of a dolly, set it up at the desired location. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight or near appliances that generate heat. Now, plug your Freezer, take a drink and chill out with friends.



Moving your Freezer is perhaps a difficult task to do and time-consuming, but using these hacks might save your time and make it easier and hazard-free because safety must be our utmost priority. Thanks for reading!

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best way to move Freezer?

While moving your Freezer, make sure you defrost it and clean it. Cover or wrap it by using blankets. Use packing peanuts or foam to protect its edges. Use dolly or hand truck to slide it.

Do you have to empty the Freezer before moving?

Absolutely, empty your Freezer before moving if you are moving a considerable distance. Your frozen food might get spoiled, and it can cause a foul smell in the surroundings.

How long after moving a freezer can I turn it on?

As a general rule, allow 24 hours for the oil to return to the compressor unit. If you have professional help, the company may recommend only eight hours.

Can you move your Freezer right after unplugging it?

Best time to move your Freezer after unplugging it is 24 hours. This gives freezer evaporation time to defrost, which reduces the risk of any hazard.

How do I move my upright Freezer?

You can use a hand truck or appliance dolly to move your upright Freezer. Use ratchet straps or rope to secure it.

Can I move my chest freezer on its side?

Yes, you can move your chest freezer on its side but only for a few minutes. Do it on the compressor side if you want to lay it down.

What should I do when I unload my Freezer at my new home?

When you unload your Freezer at your new home, place it in a cool and dry place. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight or near appliances that generate heat. Leave it disconnected for the same amount of time if it was on its side or back. Don’t forget to buy a drink for your friends who helped you.


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