How Much to Tip Movers?

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Don’t know how much to tip your movers? Yeah, it can be pretty awkward when you don’t know how much to tip them. You can’t over-tip them or tip less.

When it comes time to tip your movers, you need to be able to choose how much. Knowing the going rate for tipping will give you a good idea of what’s appropriate in specific situations. If you’re hiring a new mover, the best way to determine how much of a tip to give them is to ask around so that you’d have an idea on how you should tip.

Let’s see a few tips on tipping!


How much should you tip movers?

The best way to determine how much to tip your movers is by asking friends, family members or doing some research. Call around for moving companies in your area and ask their offices what’s appropriate. The mover’s office should also be able to give you an idea. If you don’t have anyone to ask, call the Better Business Bureau/Chamber of Commerce for moving companies in your area.

Typically, people tip between $15 to $40 per mover, depending on if they are doing a full day shift or half day. If your move includes a large number of heavy items (such as a piano, outdoor grill, or a pool table), you should give the movers an extra $5 to $10. If more than one person is helping out, don’t divide it by the number of movers; instead, double or triple it.

Things that go into determining how much to tip movers?

When you want to tip the movers, you have to see how they’ve done their job. If they’ve done a good and careful job, you can give them an extra $5 to $10. If they did a very professional job, you should be prepared to pay it up to 10% of the total price quote. Movers work hard to ensure that their customers are given a high-level satisfaction with the work. The factors you can focus on is to know how much you need to tip:

Evaluate the overall service

Movers have to put in the effort to load and unload all the goods you will carry. They should care for fragile items and double-check their work before they lock up your home or apartment door. Also, tip them based on how difficult the job was. The more difficult it was, the higher you could tip.


Your movers should always be on time, so if they show up early or sometimes late, do consider giving them some extra money as a tip.

Extra mile

If your movers go beyond what they’ve been hired to do, you should give them more than the average tip. For example: If your move includes two stops and the movers finish all their work by the time you need to get to your next destination, they deserve an extra $10-15.

Treat them with respect

If movers treat you and your items with care, you should also show some respect and give them something special like a bottle of wine or a gift card to their favorite places.

If they did a low-quality job (took shortcuts), you shouldn’t tip them at all. If you think they did a good job but could’ve done better, tip them a bit less than what you would have if they’d done an exceptional job.


When is it not necessary to tip movers at all?

You might not need to tip movers if:

  • They did not show up at all – If the movers you hired did not show up at all, there is no way you should tip them. It was their responsibility to attend to you, and they failed, so there’s no reason to tip them.
  • They only helped a little bit – If you hired a mover and they showed up but decided to just stand around instead of helping you move your stuff, then there is no need for tipping.
  • They were late – If the movers showed up late to your move, they should not get a tip.
  • They didn’t care for your items – If the movers treated your items with disrespect and did not take good care of them, then you do not have to give them a dime.
  • The job was easy – In this situation, you only need to tip if the movers did a good job and ensure that your items were well protected.
  • You were not satisfied with their work – If you feel that the movers did not give their best or did a lousy job packing or moving, you shouldn’t tip them.

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Things to be taken into consideration before tipping movers

Make sure that you don’t give them cash for more than two people, as it can make things awkward. Ensure also that the person who is getting the tip is the one that did the work. If you want to give a cash tip, it’s best if you don’t hand it directly to them; instead, put it in an envelope and write their name on it before handing it over.

Ensure that you make it clear to whom the tip is intended

It would be best to ask for an itemized list of costs before they start working. This is important because it will make things easier on both ends when you are done. You don’t want any misunderstandings over tipping, so knowing exactly what you are paying them makes that part of it simpler.

How to make sure your movers are taken care of during and after the move?

  • If you are moving to a new house, make sure to leave some snacks and drinks for your movers.
  • Tip them after the move is over if they did an exceptional job.
  • Leave some leftover food in your fridge or pantry for when they come back to collect their equipment, just so that they won’t have to go hungry.
  • Remember that it’s okay to tip movers as long as they deserve it. It can be a tricky process, but knowing when and how much to do so will make the move go smoother for all involved parties.


  • Give a tip of at least $30 per person if your move is a difficult one or if your items are heavy.
  • Please do not make it evident that you are tipping them or putting money directly into their hand.
  • Avoid tipping them more than what you feel they deserve. If the movers are good workers, giving them a tip of $30-$35 per person is enough.


Ways to show your appreciation for a job well done during and after a move?

Other than money, there are various ways to show appreciation to the movers. For example, you could offer them a drink after the move is done or help them carry some pieces of equipment to their truck. In addition, you could also provide them with a meal.

  • Gift Cards – You can give them gift cards so they can buy a drink or snacks on the way home.
  • Help them carry some equipment – You can even offer to help them carry their equipment to show your appreciation for their work.
  • Food and drinks – During the move, you could put out some snacks or drinks so that they have something to munch on while they are working. After the move, you can leave leftover food in the fridge or pantry.
  • Offer a ride – You can even offer to drive them to their next job, so they don’t have to take the bus or walk home.
  • Wrapping things up: You can give your movers a tip if you feel they deserve it. To ensure that they get their money’s worth, let them know beforehand what the work entails and be specific about what will factor into the final bill. Remember to tip each person who worked on your job and to do so discreetly after the job is done.

Bottom Line

Tipping movers is a tricky process, but it’s important to know when and how much you should do so. It’s best not to give them cash for more than two people, as it can make things awkward or uncomfortable. You may also give them gift cards, offer to drive them home, or leave leftover food in the fridge/pantry after the move.

After the job is done, other ways of showing appreciation include providing them with food and drinks during their break time or driving them home after the move so that they don’t have to take public transportation or walk long distances. 

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Should you tip movers?

Yes, it’s a good idea to tip your movers about 15-20% of the final cost. You can either give them a cash bonus or a gift card.

How much should I tip each mover?

Tipping between $30-$35 is more than enough for one person. For two people, tip them $40, and for 3-5 people, you can leave a cash bonus of $50-$55.

How much should I tip the head mover?

If the head mover does an exceptional job, then it’s okay to give them as much as $20 extra.

When is the best time to tip?

You can either give them a cash bonus during or after the move; just be sure that it’s done in private.

What are the best ways to show appreciation for their work?

You can thank them with food and drinks during or after the job, give them gift cards, help carry some equipment to their truck, provide a ride to another house, leave leftovers in your fridge for when they come back to collect their equipment.

How should I tip?

Please do not give the money directly to the movers; it could make things awkward. Other than cash tips, you can also offer gift cards for food and drinks or even help them carry some of their equipment.

What kind of gifts should I give?

It’s best to give them something that they can use on their next job or something that they can snack on while they work. Such things include gift cards for food and drinks, help carry some equipment, a ride home, and leftovers in the fridge after the move is done.

Whom should I tip?

Tip movers for their exceptional service and reward them with a little extra money if they did something extraordinary. It’s not appropriate to compensate everyone equally. If there are more than five movers, it’s best not tip them all the same amount.

Who shouldn’t I tip?

Do not tip anyone working for you if they did a mediocre job because that will only hurt their reputation and make them lose their motivation to keep doing a good job in the future.

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