6 Best Moving Companies In Detroit

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Moving to Detroit

Detroit has long been known as ‘The Motor City’ and is the birthplace of the Model T cars. But Detroit has so much more to offer than just the memories of vintage cars. The city is bursting with cultural, traditional, and historical heritage, and boasts the nation’s finest food scenes! Furthermore, the city is home to the Motown recording label, so it comes as no surprise that it has a vibrant music scene, too. And with affordable housing and being a tech innovation hub, Detroit welcomes hundreds of newcomers to its shores, every year!

No city in the world is an absolute haven, and always has some things to work on. Detroit is no exception to this rule. The city’s rising crime rates, average school system, unpredictable weather, and long winter months are a few reasons that cause residents to move out of the Motor City. Whether you’re planning to move in or out of the city, you’ll need the assistance of professional movers. We bring you a list of the best moving companies in Detroit to get started with your move.


6 Best Moving Companies In Detroit

  1. Personal Touch Moving
  2. Men On The Move
  3. Hired Muscle
  4. Movin-n-Groovin Moving Company
  5. A.Mack Moving and Storage
  6. Two Men And A Truck

Personal Touch Moving

The trademark of any good moving company is that it strives for customer satisfaction and tries to provide the best and most comfortable moving experience possible. Personal Touch Moving has managed to create a reputation in these fields! The company believes in providing personalized moving services tailored according to the customer’s needs. The company’s name and game are built around this one thought.

Personal Touch Moving has been in the moving business since 2003. That’s nearly 20 years’ worth of experience. And this vast amount of hands-on knowledge guarantees their quality and the company’s robust record of customer satisfaction. The company provides a diverse range of services ranging from local and long distance moving services to packing and crating services. They specialize in expedited moving services within 1500 miles, so you don’t have to worry about a last-minute move! But within each of their services, you’ll find some customization tailored according to the customer’s needs that serve to provide a service beyond the customer’s expectations. Personal Touch Moving guarantees a carefree relocation process and we don’t doubt it at all!

Services / Products Offered

  • Automobile Transport
  • Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Corporate Relocations
  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Packing And Crating


  • The company provides customized services to fit the customer’s needs.
  • They offer competitive and affordable prices to other moving companies.
  • The company offers expedited delivery services within 1500 miles.


  • The company does not provide international relocation services.

Website: www.personaltouchmoving.com

Contact Number: 248-431-1646

Address: 201 E Drahner Rd, Oxford, MI 48371

Rating: Google (4.8/5), Facebook (4.8/5), Yelp (4.5/5)

Men On The Move

One of the most trusted companies in the state of Michigan, Men On The Move, is a licensed and fully insured company. This well-established moving company is family-owned and operated since 1991. They guarantee that their movers aren’t just ‘big guys that move your belongings’ but rather, conscious professionals who are highly trained and have been in this industry for a long time. Having experienced movers ensures a hassle-free and quality moving experience, which they provide.

Men on the Move provides a plethora of services if you’re planning to move anywhere in Michigan or even around the state. From excellent local moving services and packing supplies to indoor storage warehouses and short-notice emergency moves, these professionals never shy away from any moving requirement. To add to its credibility, the company has numerous certifications and accolades that boast its top-quality service and great customer satisfaction ratings. Men On The Move also provide special discounts and offers for certain customer sects like senior citizens and veterans.

Services / Products Offered

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Secure Indoor Storage
  • Provides Moving Supplies
  • Free Wardrobe Usage


  • The company is fully licensed and insured.
  • They are operational 7 days a week.
  • They provide special offers and incentives like senior discounts.
  • The company provides affordable moving prices and quotations.


  • Though the company provides numerous moving services, they lack international moving services.

Website: www.michiganmovers.com

Contact Number: 734-744-9547

Address: 12400 Merriman Rd, Livonia, MI 48150

Rating: Google (4.4/5), Facebook (4.9/5), Yelp (3.5/5)


Hired Muscle

The true sign of a good moving company is the delicacy and care with which they handle your belongings, from the start to the end of the move – Hired Muscle provides just that! With 40+ years of experience in the moving and packing industry, it comes as no surprise that these professionals have perfected the art of moving and can come up with immediate solutions to all your spontaneous moving problems. The movers handle your belongings with the care and consideration one would have for their own belongings.

The company offers a variety of services like full-service moves, commercial moves, residential moves, packing and storage services, and clean-out services. Whether you’re looking at moving locally or long distance, they have all the tools required for a stress-free move. The company also provides novel services like hourly labor, if you need an extra set of hands to reorganize your drawing room. Or perhaps you have some old furniture that needs to be removed, you can simply avail of Hired Muscle’s junk removal service and declutter your home in a matter of a few hours! The best part of choosing this company is that they provide options for both virtual and on-site estimations, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for days to get a quotation estimate.

Services / Products Offered

  • Commercial Moving
  • Residential Moving
  • Hourly Labor
  • Packing Services
  • Junk Pick-up and Removal
  • Garage Cleaning and Organization
  • Indoor Storage Services


  • The company has 40+ years of experience in the moving and packing industry, so you cannot go wrong with this company.
  • They provide virtual as well as on-site estimations and quotations.
  • The company provides honest, dependable, and highly trained moving professionals.


  • They do not operate on Sundays.

Website: www.hiredmuscledetroit.com

Contact Number: 313-282-6393

Address: 2200 Hunt St Suite 478, Detroit, MI 48207

Rating: Google (4.8/5), Facebook (5/5), Yelp (3/5)

Movin-N-Groovin Moving Company

What makes for an honest and dependable moving company? It’s the transparency in their quotations and upfront prices. Movin-N-Groovin Moving Company boasts of their honest prices and is quite straightforward and upfront about their service rates. This ensures that customers do not feel as if they were taken advantage of, or cheated in any way. With the numerous moving pricing scams that are rampant, this small but meaningful step ensures that both the customers and the company have a healthy relationship throughout the moving process.

But if you’re worried that these upfront prices might be a little too expensive, then worry not! Movin-N-Groovin Moving Company provides some really affordable options. And their service costs are industry standard, so you need not worry about spending more than you’d expect. The company specializes in residential moving services – both local and long distance – and strives to go above and beyond when it comes to providing customers with the most comfortable moving experience. The company also provides full-service moving services that come equipped with trucks, trailers, and packing and storage services. It’s a one-stop shop for all your moving needs!

Services / Products Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Full-Service Moving
  • Packing and Storage Services
  • Hourly Labor
  • Heavy and fragile item lifting


  • The company specializes in residential moving services.
  • They provide transparent and detailed estimates.
  • The company has a variety of elaborate pricing choices that are very budget-friendly.


  • Their services do not include the labor charge and are subjective to extra charges for stairs, fragile items, heavy lifting, etc.

Website: www.movin-n-groovin.com

Contact Number: 313-479-6683

Address: 15039 W 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48235

Rating: Google (4.3/5), Facebook (3.7/5), Yelp (5/5)


Alpha and Omega Moving

A moving company’s true mark of credibility reflects on its customer reviews and feedback. Alpha and Omega Moving has garnered a loyal customer base due to their top-quality service and handling of belongings with utmost care and consideration. The company’s loyal customer base has been built due to its crisp reputation, credibility, vast experience, availability, and professionalism. The company has ranked in the top 15 out of 211 moving companies in Detroit, and this is a testament to its work ethic and quality.

It’s fully licensed and insured which is the mark of any credible moving company. Alpha and Omega Moving offer free on-site estimations, to provide a transparent costing experience and to make sure that the customers are well-informed about the costing procedures. Furthermore, the company provides unmatched residential and commercial moving services, packing services, and even provides packing supplies if you require them. Their services are all offered at affordable and competitive prices, which is a huge plus point. The company also offers special discounts for senior citizens and military veterans, which explains their well-known reputation.

Services / Products Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Provides Packing Supplies
  • Packing Services
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Assembly and Disassembly of furniture and appliances


  • The company is a licensed and fully insured moving company that provides moving services throughout Michigan.
  • They even move heavy and fragile items like pianos and safes at affordable costs.
  • The company offers special discounts and offers to senior citizens and military veterans.


  • The company is closed on Saturdays.

Website: www.alphaandomegamoving.com

Contact Number: 586-625-0398

Address: 17054 Forest Ave., Eastpointe, MI 48021

Rating: Google (4.7/5), Facebook (2.5/5), Yelp (3.5/5)

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Two Men And A Truck

Two Men And A Truck is a franchise that aims to ‘help people move forward’, with offices in almost every corner of the country! They’re the nation’s leading full-service moving company that offers a wide and diverse range of moving services. Whatever service you need, they have it – from comprehensive residential and commercial moves to packing-unpacking and junk removal services. Whether you’re planning to move locally or long distances beyond state lines or are just looking for furniture assembly or piano moving services, the company has it all.

The company has been in business for 35+ years and has grown to more than 350 locations nationwide! Such a feat is bound to come bearing some priceless and invaluable wisdom. The movers are all highly-trained and seasoned professionals, who have seen almost every moving problem there is, and have immediate and quick solutions to them. So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about when your belongings are in the care of these experienced movers. A small fun fact about the company’s ethics – the company professionals and staff strongly believe in the Grandma Rule. What is the Grandma Rule, you ask? It’s simple: To treat everyone the way you’d want your own Grandma to be treated.

Services / Products Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Loading and Unloading Labor
  • Packing and Delivery
  • Furniture Rearranging
  • Piano Moving
  • Boxes and Supplies
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Junk Pick-up and Removal
  • Garage Clean-out Services
  • Storage Solutions


  • Two Men And A Truck is a licensed and fully insured company that offers every moving service under the sun.
  • The company is highly certified and has won numerous accolades for providing years of top-quality moving services throughout the nation.
  • The company is a large franchise and operates at numerous locations, and has 35+ years of experience in the moving industry.


  • The company is not operational on Sundays.

Website: www.twomenandatruck.com

Contact Number: 313-263-4904

Address: 850 W Baltimore St, Detroit, MI 48202

Rating: Google (4.5/5), Facebook (3.7/5), Yelp (3/5)

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers In Detroit?

Moving is a dreaded experience, whether you’re moving locally or long distance – the distance doesn’t make much of a difference. The whole process of moving seems exhausting enough, even before you actually get to the part of moving! Hiring professional movers and packers can turn this daunting task into a stress-free experience. Delegating the moving process to professionals will not only make the process easier on you but also guarantee a job well done.

If you’re a resident of Detroit, then you probably know that the average cost for hiring a good moving company in the city is around $360. But this price is subject to change, based on the type of move – whether you’re moving locally or long distance. A local move is generally within a 50-mile radius, in the same city or across cities without crossing state lines. For such a local move in Detroit, movers will charge you anywhere from $75 to $89 per hour. While for long distance and interstate moves, which are generally over 100 miles, the moving company can cost you anywhere between $4,880 to $9,000.



Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with some of the best moving companies in Detroit and have a rough idea of the moving costs in the city, you’d be able to make a better decision on which moving company to hire. A few pro-tips for a smoother moving experience: ensure that the company you choose is insured and licensed. Also, try to get multiple prices for your move from different companies for comparison. And then based on your moving criteria, choose the movers that best fit your needs.

FAQs On Best Moving Companies In Detroit

How Much Do Movers Cost In Detroit?

On average, hiring a good moving company in Detroit will cost you close to $360. There may be differences in the prices based on the bulk volume of all the belongings to be moved, the number of rooms to be moved, transportation and mileage costs, and any other moving services you avail of from the moving company.

How Much Does A Moving Company Cost In Michigan?

Generally, if you’re moving locally within Michigan, you’ll most likely be charged by the hour. The average cost of hiring a moving company in Michigan can range between $90 to $120 per hour.


What Is Considered A Local Move?

A move that is generally within a 50-mile radius is considered a local move. A local move does not involve crossing state lines and is generally to a different city within the same state.

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