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There are many different types of drinking glasses, from simple tumblers to intricately etched wine glasses. While the style of glass may vary, they all share one common purpose: to hold a beverage. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of glasses. You use them for drinking water, beer, or any other beverage; glasses are an essential part of many people’s lives. Packing your glasses for a move can be a daunting task. However, by following some simple steps, you can ensure that your glasses are protected and arrive at your new home in one piece. In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to pack your glasses for a move. Stay tuned for more moving tips and advice!

Why does glass break easily?

The main reason that glasses are so fragile is that they are made out of a material called soda-lime glass. This type of glass is composed of sand, limestone, and soda ash. Soda-lime glass is also used to make food storage containers, windows, and windshields. When soda-lime glass is hit or dropped, it will shatter into small pieces. It can’t sustain a heavy amount of pressure without breaking. Sometimes internal defects, improper use of manufacturing material, and thermal temperature can cause the glassware to break. Toughened glass is much stronger than standard glassware because it is made by adding some additives, making it stronger.


How to pack your glasses for a move

Here is a step by step instruction on how to pack your glasses for a move:

Step1. Gather things you’ll need to pack glasses

The first step in packing your glasses for a move is to gather the supplies you will need. You will need packing supplies such as:

  • Medium-size boxes
  • Newsprint
  • Old towels
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper/ Bubble wrap
  • Marker

Size of the box for packing glasses

The size of the box you use to pack your glasses is important. The glasses will move around and break if the box is too small. If the box is too big, the glasses will be loose and could also break. It’s best to use a medium-size box that is just large enough to fit all of your glasses. For medium-sized boxes, the usual dimensions are 355 x 355 x 355 mm. Don’t put weight on more than 20 kg in the boxes. You will get such boxes from your local grocery or hardware store, or you can order online from different websites.

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Step2. Prepare the box

Once you have gathered all of the packing supplies, it’s time to prepare the box for packing. When packing glasses for a move, be sure to use a sturdy box that will provide plenty of support. First, use a marker to label the box “Fragile – Glasses.” This will let anyone who handles the box know that there are fragile items inside and to handle them with care. Second, Place a layer of packing paper or newsprint on the bottom of the box. This will help cushion the glasses, prevent them from breaking, and avoid shifting during transit.


Step3. Wrap each glass individually.

When packing glasses for a move, it is important to take care in order to prevent breakage. Ideally, each glass should be wrapped individually in a soft material such as bubble wrap or packing paper. First, take a piece of packing paper or bubble wrap and place it flat on the surface. Second, place the glass in the center of the paper or wrap. Third, bring the edges of the paper or wrap up around the glass and secure them with packing tape. Be sure to wrap each glass tightly to securely wrapped and won’t move around during transit. This will help cushion the glass and protect it from being chipped or cracked during the move. You may also want to consider packing peanuts or crumpled newspapers to fill any empty spaces in the box. You can wrap glasses in the following manner:

Wrap Big, Heavy Glasses

Wrap and seal the biggest, most weighty glasses first. If you’re packing such glassware in the manufacturer’s box, place it at the bottom of the box with lighter glasses on top.

Wrap Identical Glasses 2 at a Time

If you have a set of glasses that are all the same size and shape, you can save time by wrapping them two at a time. This will help to speed up the packing process. You can also save packing paper by wrapping two glasses together.

Wrap Stemmed Glasses Individually

Stemmed glasses such as wine glasses or champagne flutes should be wrapped individually to prevent them from breaking. It would be best if you always packed these glasses separately by using packing paper because they are very fragile, and these stemmed glasses should always be packed at last on top of everything.


Step4. Place the glasses in the box

Once each glass is wrapped, it’s time to place them in the box. Start by placing the wrapped glasses in the box, being careful not to overcrowd the box. Place the wrapped glasses in the box in a single layer, with plenty of space between each one. If necessary, you can place crumpled paper or other filler material in the empty spaces to keep the glasses from shifting during transport. If possible, try to place the glasses in the box so that they are upright. This will help to prevent them from shifting during transit and becoming damaged. Remember to keep some space for extra cushioning material on the top of the box.

Step5. Cushion the top

Once all of the glasses are in the box, it’s time to add some extra cushioning material on top. Add a layer of packing paper or bubble wrap on top of the glasses to help keep them from shifting during transport. The Amount of cushioning added to the bottom should be the same as the top. You can also use packing peanuts or crumpled paper to fill in any empty spaces.

Step6. Close and seal the box

Once the box is full, it’s time to close and seal it up. Be sure to close the box securely with packing tape so that it won’t come open during transit. It’s also good to label the box as “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” to ensure that it is treated with care. You may also want to include your destination address on the box so that it can be easily identified when it arrives at your new home.

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Other tips to remember

  • Wine stores or specialty liquor stores often have divided boxes. Ask them if they can give you one to provide extra protection for your glassware.
  • If you are moving everything on the same day and taking lots of glasses in a box with other delicate goods, make sure to keep glasses on top of everything.
  • Never over-pack the box, but make sure there isn’t empty space between two glasses. If there is empty space between two glasses, it should be filled with rolled-up newspaper or bubble wrap.


Packing glasses for a move doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. When packing, it’s important to use properly sized boxes and plenty of cushioning material to keep them from breaking. And by following these simple tips, you can ensure that your glasses are packed securely and arrive at your new home safely. With a little bit of care and attention, you can rest assured that your glasses will make it through the move unscathed. Happy Moving!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent my glasses from breaking during the move?

The best way to prevent your glasses from breaking during the move is to use proper packing techniques. This includes using the right size box, wrapping each glass individually, and placing them in the box in a single layer with plenty of space between each one.

What should I do if I don’t have enough boxes to pack all of my glasses?

If you don’t have enough boxes to pack all of your glasses, you can ask a wine store or specialty liquor store if they have any extra boxes. There are a variety of online platforms that sell boxes specifically designed for packing glasses, such as The Container Store and U-Haul.


Do movers move glasses?

Some movers will move glasses, but it is best to check with your specific moving company to see if they have this service.

How much does it cost to move glasses?

The cost of moving glasses will vary depending on the company you use and the number of glasses you have. It is best to get quotes from at least three different companies before making your final decision. In general, it is best to expect to pay between $100 and $200 to move a standard-sized home’s worth of glasses.


How do you pack glasses without paper?

To keep the glassware and plates clean, wrap them in soft t-shirts, socks, and other spongy materials. Enclose it in a thick cardboard box and pack it firmly. Also, make sure the box is packed firmly; any gaps should be filled with clothing. You may save the package entirely by doing so.

What should I do if my glasses break during the move?

If your glasses break during the move, be sure to clean up the broken glass as soon as possible. And be sure to save all of the broken pieces if they need to be inspected by a claims manager. You can then contact your insurance company to see if you are covered for the damage.

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