How to Move Piano

Radiating your special musical room with great aesthetic value is your exclusive darling piano. I believe you will do anything to keep it safe. You will go an extra mile to keep it out of any damage especially under your control. The challenge comes when you are intending to move that valuable instrument to another house or destination. Piano moving is a bit complicated and needs sheer care and determination. A little scratch on its magnificent body will lower its value drastically. Nevertheless, how to moving piano?

This write up will give you two options various tips to consider, which if religiously followed, your piano will be delivered to your new home securely and intact. Due to piano moving complications, you can save yourself from moving stress and anxiety by opting for a professional piano mover. These are people who are experienced in piano moving and will do you justice when it comes to moving piano. How do you settle for the best piano mover?

Is the company in piano moving business?

Does your company of choice specialize in piano moving? This is vital as the more the company has moved pianos, the more secure your piano will be in their hands. You need to check the companies experience in this field. You can opt for reference from your local piano store.

Consider the moving companies vehicles.

A piano needs an exclusive transport arrangement. Before you say yes to any moving company, it is imperative to look the kind of vehicle intended to transport your piano. Make sure that vehicles are secure, has good suspension, its temperatures are well controlled and have sufficient space to fit your piano.

Is your piano secure against moving accidents?

Risks are uncertain. You should secure your valuable piano by making sure that the moving company is licensed and insured against moving risks.

On the other hand you can decide to make your own arrangements to move your valuable instrument. If you go for this option, it is prudent to consider the advice below.

Know your instruments measurements.

Before you decide to move your piano from its room, it is advisable to have its full measurements. Measure its length, height and width. Measuring the entry, doorways and hallway is also advisable.  This will allow you to plan its movement route and avoid any damages.

You cannot do it alone.

Due to the delicate and heavy nature of pianos, you need a hand when it comes to moving it. Get some of your friends for assistance. Make sure that you make them aware of the delicate nature of the instrument they are about to move.

Wrap the piano

To secure your piano from any damage, use padding or blankets to wrap your piano. Make sure that these protective materials are thick enough to protect the piano surface from any scratches or any damage during loading, unloading, transportation or any unwanted bumps.

Have the necessary equipments

It is advisable to use one or two furniture dolly to move your piano with strong straps for full safety.  You can rent some equipment or borrow form a piano shop.

Safeguard the keys.

To fully protect the piano keys, make sure that the keyboard lid is intact; closed and tightly locked. To refrain damaging the wood, do not tape it.

Secure lifting

A piano is very fragile. You need absolute care when moving this instrument. More importantly don’t be in any hurry when lifting a piano. Remember that its legs are very vulnerable and should be lifted by the body.

Piano Loading

When it comes to loading, make sure that the path is clear. When placing the piano in the truck. Make sure that you level it to distribute the weight evenly. Make sure it is intact and does not waver when the truck is moving.

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